Protect Your Family Even After Life

We want to take care of our family to the best that we could. However, we can’t predict the future. It’s hard to think about what will happen to them when we’re not around. Good thing, Villari Lawyers is here to help you prepare for your family’s financial security even after you’re not with them.


Death is not something we’re comfortable to discuss, but it will be harder for your loved ones when they lose a roof over their heads because you didn’t have a plan for them. Consult our lawyers to be sure that they will still have a comfortable life. You need to think all the property you own and how will your love ones utilised these possessions.


One of the most important papers you need to sign before you die is your will. This is a legal document that states the distribution of your property and assets. Although there’s a family provision claim, it is still necessary to prepare a will so your wishes could be fulfilled. Update this if you can for changes and more.


To avoid the hassle and gain a peace of mind, hire a lawyer to make sure your possession will end up in the right hands. You need to find an expert who can explain to you the legal consequences of your choice. Just be careful who to hire. Before making an engagement to a person, you must first check his or her identification card, notice from its firm, background and the clients that he or she handles. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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Time Limitations in Family Provision Claims

Australia is a country governed under a federal parliamentary system of government. It is made up of six states and two major mainland territories.  Each state has set its own legislations that govern family provision claims. If an Australian is considering raising a family provision claim, there is a time limit within in which they can make the claim. The timeframe depends on the locality where the claim is made.

In New South Wales, an applicant can raise a claim within 12 months of the estate owner’s death. Family provision lawyers will then prepare a case under the guidelines state by the family provision law stated in the succession act of 2006.

In Queensland, claims are made under the governance of the Succession Act 1981. If beneficiaries need to lay a claim on the estate, they should first reach out to family provision lawyers who will give notice of their client’s intentions to the executioner of the estate. The notice is to be given 6 months after the death of the will-maker.

In Victoria, family provision claims are governed by the Administration and Probate Act 1958. On the other hand, family provision legislation is under the Inheritance (family provision) Act of 1972 in South Australia. In Western Australia’s case, a family can contest a will under the Inheritance (Family and Dependence Provision) Act of 1972. Despite having family provision laws in different acts, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia’s formal legal proceedings should begin 6 months after the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration has been made.

In Australian Capital Territory, claims are governed under the Family Provision Act of 1969. In this territory, family provision lawyers can present their cases  before family courts 12 months after a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration has been made.

It is important for applicants to make sure that their rights are protected and their claims are presented within the right time limit of each jurisdiction.

Common Questions About Family Provision

If a loved one died and you have been left out of the will, you have a right to contest it. A family provision claim is a legal process wherein a close-relation of a deceased (spouse, children, etc.) can appeal that provision (or further provision) be made from the estate.

If you find yourself in that situation, here are some questions you might have.

  1. How does the court determine need?

The court attempts to identify if the maintenance, education and advancement in life of an applicant was provided for in the terms of the will. Then the court will look into all of their current and future needs to determine if an alteration is needed to be made to the will.

  1. Can a stepchild make a claim?

Stepchildren are not prohibited from making a claim for family provision. What must be established is that the stepchild was, in fact, became a dependent of the deceased at one point in time.

  1. Can grandchildren make a claim?

Grandchildren do not have an automatic right to claim on their grandparents estate but they are not prohibited from doing so. What has to be established is their dependency on the deceased.

  1. How does the court determine dependency?

Financial assistance is the most common form of dependency but the entire relationship will be examined. This means that emotional dependency will be taken into consideration as well.

  1. Can I claim for family provision because my uncle died?

Nieces and nephews do not have an automatic right to claim on their uncle or aunts estate but they are not prohibited from doing so. They just need to establish dependency.

  1. Everything was left to charity, is there anything I can do?

A will  can stipulate that everything in the estate should be given to charity. If a claim for family provision is valid, however, the court may decide to distribute it amongst the dependents or between the dependents and the charities.

  1. How do I make sure that I get what I am entitled to?

For instance, when the deceased leaves their estate to a parent or a colleague, the court may find issue with this and will wish to distribute it amongst  all the dependents. This is a case for a lawyer to help plead the case to the court.

Hopefully, these answers can help you to navigate through intricate rules involved when it comes to claims for family provision.

Online Help for Industrial Deafness

If you think your case is hopeless, then you are wrong. There is a light at the end of a tunnel and that light is our company. We are here for you. We are here to help you. We will be with you all the way until you get your claim for industrial deafness. This is because we believe that you have been treated badly by your employer. You were not given protective gears which you have a right to be given to. And because of this, we will fight your fight. We will take the case to the court so you will have the opportunity to start your life anew by receiving your pay for industrial deafness. So do not lose hope because our company is here for you.

Deafness comes in many forms and the causes are varied. Deafness could result from heredity factors, deafness can result from accidents and deafness can also result from subjection to loud noises without protective gears such as areas in work like the field in mining or construction. Now since your case of deafness is due to work and not from other factors, then you have a right to get your claim for industrial deafness. Your hearing loss has nothing with nature but it is because of man’s lack of concern for you. Thus, you do not have to be silent about it instead go out and be vocal and fight for your right to get your claim for industrial deafness.

The first thing that you need to do is to take the online hearing test. The good news is that the hearing test is free of charge. You will be asked to reply to some questions and the process will not take too much of your time. You will be able to complete the free online hearing test in a matter of short time. This is the first and the most important step to your claim for industrial deafness.

The purpose of the free online hearing test is to prove that your deafness is not due to other factors but due to your work. It will be able to determine the time when the hearing loss happened to you. Thus, take the free online hearing test as the fist step to your claim for industrial deafness. By choosing us, we will help you and make everything easy for you.





When You Need Legal Services

Nowadays when it comes to properties like when you are buying one even from a very close friend or a sister or even from your parent, it must be properly documented. As they say, there are no relatives in business like there are even no parents or children. Well, of course there is also a chance of one just giving the property to a daughter or to a sister, but still proper documentations must be done so that if things will get out of hand like someone who is also a relative does not know about the transaction and will make a claim of the property, proof will be available to prove ownership. This is why, if you are buying a property or giving one to your children or even if you are just constructing a will, you should hire a lawyer that specializes on the subject you are dealing with.

Well, of course you are not really required to hire one like the deal can be done without a lawyer. However, it will be risky especially if you are not really familiar with the law surrounding the subject you are dealing with. You might be able to affix your signature on something you don’t even fully understand. Note than even relatives can stab you at the back and the more if it is not even a relative like you are just dealing with a complete stranger like he is just a buyer or a seller. That is why, it is best to have someone you can call your own while dealing with something as important as this. The lawyer should be able to guide you right from the start until the deal is concluded.



Besides, there are a lot of things to be done when you are buying a property and there are a number of things that you must first check like the title of the property, if the seller is indeed the owner or representing the owner and so on. Note that there are a number of incidents when the seller actually just forged the authorization to sell like he is not really representing the owner. He might be a relative but still he is not the owner thus in the end, it could be proven that the sale is not valid or what. This is why, it is really best to always hire a lawyer when dealing transactions like these just to be sure that everything is clean and clear.

Indeed it is better to be safe than sorry. So what if you will spend additional amount as long as you will have peace of mind that the contract you’re holding is really clean than always be wary that you might have been scammed or something.

There are now a lot of firms where you can hire respectable and reliable lawyers claims. Just be sure though that they really deal with situations like yours as not all lawyers handle all kinds of legal problems.

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Patent Lawyer – Legal hand for Procuring Patents

With the increasing legal restrictions and patent requirements, businesses have become aware of the need for patent lawyers. Typically, they possess both legal and technical knowledge in the field that is necessary for representing the business clients on stage.

The patent lawyers are legal attorneys who has a variety of qualifications and legal skills, specialized in the need of patent laws and practice. The main job of a patent attorney is to represent the clients in acquiring their patents and acting doing all procedures of patenting. It even includes filing opposition and other issues of claims. To help you with the application process, hire the experienced patent lawyers.

The qualifications for being a patent attorney is same as the general legal practitioners but has some added requirements. Australian patent attorney must pass 9 of the topics in Schedule 5 according to the Patent Regulations 1991. They must hold a suitable educational qualification in the particular field of technology in which they are qualifying for patent registration. They must also have 2 years of experience in particular field with skills like searching and recording patents; filing and prosecution of the same; drafting patent specifications; as well as providing advices on infringement, interpretation and validity. Additional social inclusions are being an Australian resident, character integrity, no conviction for any offence in the past 5 years.



Different countries and regions have different terms of registration formalities for patent practitioners. Requirements for practicing as a patent lawyer are many and have to be distinguished by the national patent offices. In Australia, patent attorney registration is administered by Trade Marks Attorneys (PSB) and Professional Standards Board for Patents.  After registration, Patent and Trademark Attorney can be elected for Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia and Fellow of the Institute of Patent.

The main project of patent lawyer is to procure patents for the clients. However, the scope of duties for a patent lawyer is many and in a broader sense, it might include representing of clients in all legal matters and procedures. Everything relating to patents law and practice are handled by the patent lawyers. They work hand-in-hand with the business inventors for protecting their innovations through legal patents. They can even help you on how to patent an idea! This would prevent any illegitimate use of the inventions as well as retain the monetary benefits for the company. Some specialty lawyers practice in this field for a wider scope of opportunity.

Though patent law is a boring field, patent lawyer can be an important individual in helping the business inventions. It is a financially secure field that can be a good part of the wider legal world, and other patent-related matters.

Guide to Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Looking for a personal injury lawyer is an additional hassle especially if you’re already feeling suffering from a trauma or accident.

In order to find a good injury lawyer that you can trust, you have to consider several factors. Choosing your lawyer is a crucial step because he or she will represent you in court and will determine the result of your case.

First thing to look at is the lawyer’s reputation. Conduct a little background research to make sure that he or she has never been involved in any fraud or anomaly. Find someone who has the most experience working in a case like yours. You can browse through news  regarding personal injury cases and find out more about the lawyers involved.

Another thing you should do is to get an idea about the lawyer’s work ethic. Pay him or her a visit and ask questions about your case. See if the lawyer studies your case file thoroughly. If he does not pay proper attention to your case, you would not want to be working with this lawyer. If they start talking about personal injury cases in general and avoids answering your questions, consider looking for another lawyer. Once you are at the lawyer’s office, also observe everything in his office. Competent personal injury lawyers will have a clean, organised space.

Find out how much personal injury lawyers usually charge their clients. The best personal injury lawyers will not bombard you with a lot of fees. They should offer you different payment options. Find a lawyer that will charge a reasonable fee.

Some people think that their insurance only covers medical bills. What they do not know is that it can do a lot more. The best Injury lawyers will help you understand the terms included in your health insurance plan.

When you are trying to look for the best personal injury lawyers, consider the aforementioned things. Legal matters should not be taken lightly so it is best to do some research first.

Got a new business idea, new invention or even business logo? Hire a patent lawyer to help you with the legal process.

Looking for an expert family lawyer? Go online and search for family provision firms.

Common Activities that Lead to Car Accidents

Motorways are fast and convenient ways to get across to a particular spot be it intercity or Trans city. However traffic statistics say that accidents are very common on motorways and almost 60% of all road accidents happen on motorways exclusively. There are some activities which are specifically linked to accident causations. If you believe in driving safe then here is a list of certain activities that you should avoid at all costs.

Stop multitasking

Multitasking is a great way to do a lot of things in the shortest time frame possible and you can do multitasking at work as often as you can. However driving is not an activity you should multitask with as this is the leading cause for road accidents. Personal injury lawyers won’t be able to help your cause if it’s proved in court that you were talking on the phone, texting or listening to music in headphone while driving. Never eat, argue, engage in romantic activities or do anything remotely distracting while driving. You are responsible not only for your own but also for the safety of others while driving so better concentrate and do your best.

If in case that you are engaged on a vehicular accident, best thing to do is to contact a personal injury lawyers to help you with the legal process.

Avoid drifting

Drifting in and out of your lane could send a load of mixed signals to your fellow motorists. This is especially applicable to long empty stretches of motorway when you are feeling extremely tired and lethargic. In case your car has drifted out of its lane don’t overreact and take sudden action to revert back to your original position. This can lead to loss of control and is a potentially fatal mistake. Take your time and make a smooth transition into your earlier position.

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How Australia’s Social Security Benefits Families

The commonwealth government is working hard to make life better for its citizens. Social policy programmes in Australia is implemented with the intent of strengthening the structure of the family unit. In today’s stressful and competitive world, it’s inevitable that a few families may suffer from some problems. Here is when the government steps in to help with well-meaning policies.

Family Support Program

 The Family Support Program (FSP) is a government initiative administered by the Department of of Social Services (DSS). It’s goal is to support families in their important day-to-day concerns such as raising children, managing familial relationships, and protecting individuals from harmful affairs.

Building Stronger Communities

These social benefits aim to make communities more resilient by ensuring that each family is able to enjoy good standards of living. One of its important services include providing family and relationship counselling that deals with adult-relationship issues, parenting support, and young people’s concerns. It also provides intervention and assistance in helping families cope with sensitive matters such as drugs, violence, and trauma.

Parenting Assistance

Another noteworthy program is the implementation of family tax benefits. Family tax benefits are provided to parents and guardians to help them raise their children in the best possible way while alleviating  financial strain. This service is target towards the disadvantaged and indigenous families.There are benefits for needy families that are struggling to bring up more than one child. For example, a Baby Bonus is given as aid after the birth of another baby.

To know more about your family’s rights to social security, consult a Family Lawyers. See

The Right Qualifications of Patent Attorneys

If you invented a new product, the first thing that you need to do is to apply for a patent for it. This is because, you need to know if others have already invented something with the same concept or if this is really new, protect your right for it against infringement. And for this, you need to have a patent attorney to help you with the patent application. But how will you know if your attorney has the right skills?

One of the qualifications that your patent lawyer should possessed is that he or she should have a degree in science or engineering. Strong technical knowledge is a must in order for your patent attorney to understand fully your invention/s. Your attorney must be qualified in handling matters related to your specific invention whether it’s computer-related; mechanical; chemical or electrical.

The Right Experience

Always ask a potential patent attorney for how long he is in this sector and how many patents he has filed for successfully. Also ask his field of expertise and what kind of inventions he has dealt with previously. Ask for references of previous clients and if possible talk to them personally.

The Right Search Approach

Most first-time inventors are under the erroneous impression that their invention is new just because it has not been patented before. However, hundreds of inventors regularly patent their invention without ever marketing it. That is why it is absolutely essential that your patent attorney uses an independent search process based on international database; such as the facility provided by IP Australia. This is the best way of ensuring that your idea does not exist already anywhere in the entire world. Never hire attorneys who use their own searching mechanism as this can lead to conflict of interest.

The Right Registration

As far as patent application is concerned you must always deal with registered patent attorneys. This is because only registered patent attorneys are legally bound by the Australian Patents Act of 1990 to maintain absolute confidentiality about client invention. Unregistered and unscrupulous patent agents can easily sell your unpatented idea which you have to share with them in good faith.