Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Walk In Fridge

Need a walk in fridge? Before you hire, rent or even build one, it is necessary that you take in considerations advantages and disadvantages a walk in fridge can provide those who will use them.

Advantages of a walk in fridge

Taking advantage of all the benefits that this equipment can provide is something best to consider.

Space and enough storage

You definitely know that a walk in fridge can provide you with a space good enough for you to store and keep your food supplies, especially those perishable ones. Enough space is highly needed to ensure that all are organized and well kept, space is needed to ensure that you can still move around while arranging supplies etc. This will allow you to organize your supplies better and more efficiently.

Heineken’s Dutch ‘walk-in fridge’

Heineken’s Dutch ‘walk-in fridge’

Safety and security

Walk in fridge comes with locks, thus you know that whatever it is you put inside or store on your refrigerator will be highly secured and safe. The lock will keep everything you need intact, safe and secure.

Optimum condition of food or any perishable goods will be kept in their finest condition

The cold temperature will ensure that anything you store inside your walk in fridge will maintain its freshness and texture. Maximizing the life span of both edibles and non edibles are highly possible in cold storage.

Disadvantages of walk in fridge

If there are advantages, there are few disadvantages that you can best to consider before getting or hiring one

Not all can afford renting or having one

Something that you need to know is that walk in fridge is not for everyone’s affordability. Some may find it a bit expensive but actually the benefits is more than enough for you to still consider either hiring or getting one.

Higher power consumption

Expect that this is not electric consumption friendly. The consumption of electricity of this type of equipment is a bit expensive, The expense to have this equipment run is a bit heavy than other equipments or appliances.

Not highly recommended to household use

The overall consumption to electricity, the space you need makes walk in fridge not highly recommended to households. This is optional though, thus it is necessary that you take all possible considerations and assessments before getting or renting one. How much do you need the equipment? Is it really needed? Can you afford the expense and the space you need to leave for the equipment? All those questions are best to ask yourself before getting or hiring one.

Welcome To The Hospitality Industry!

Hospitality industry has been one of the major business ventures across the globe. They offer lots of opportunities not only for its customers but for those seeking hospitality careers. They are one of the biggest industries across the globe encompassing lodging, theme parks, events planning, transportation, cruise lines, and other customer service fields under the tourism sector. This industry highly depends on consumerism and disposable incomes patrons are willing to spend. The high investment on facilities and equipment may require hard work and dedication to keep a competitive business on board. They have been one of the reasons why commercial equipment finance is important in this field.

In this field, equipment finance works by knowing the core and backbone of hospitality industries. There are three main sub-sectors in which this industry is most relevant: Travel and Lodging, Accommodation, and Food and Beverage. Remember that in all these, the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and excellent customer service to attract and create loyal customers.


Travel and Lodging has been a thing ever since the beautiful sceneries have been discovered and opened up for public viewing. With the hustle and bustle of everyday work, and competition, people would tend to spare some time for rest and leisure. Traveling entails transportation which is an important avenue to showcase hospitality services. Of course, transportation must be as refreshing as the destination itself. Cruise lines, airlines, trains, and ships must offer beyond customer satisfaction as travel hours can range from minutes to days. Flight attendants, cruise staff and other service crews must attend to the needs of the customers- food, pillows, magazines, and other hospitality equipment to provide them the entertainment and comfort they deserve. Also, they must be able to provide customers with the necessary information about their destinations and other tourist spots. With the advancing, expensive, and limited availability of equipment in this sector, hospitality equipment finance can help big time if budget is quite tight.

Lodging and Accommodation

After traveling, customers would tend to look for a place to stay in- hotels, lodging houses, inns and other similar businesses entail hospitality services. Customers must be provided with utmost comfort, efficiency, convenience, and other amenities- from bed and breakfast enterprises to housekeeping services. Most importantly, thoughtful treatment is valued as customers wouldn’t want to spoil their vacations by disrespectful manners. Similar with the travel industry, facilities can be subjected to hospitality equipment finance to keep the business going.

Food and Beverage

Lastly, food and beverage sector is probably the most common sub-industry of the hospitality field as they provide two of the basic needs to sustain energy and life itself. Alongside the experience and adventure, food and beverage must serve as one of the assets of a hospitality industry. Patrons must find comfort and satisfaction while binging into their favorite food and drinks. Food and beverage services can vary from catering services, fast-foods, food-stalls, food trucks, up to high-end restaurants. Remember that food and beverage services are also incorporated to other businesses such as the two sectors mentioned above, movie theaters, cafés, grocery stores etc. With the practically wide availability of kitchen equipment and other facilities, hospitality equipment finance is a definite option in keeping excellent amenities.

List Of Expenses To Start A Restaurant From Scratch

Underestimating expenses is very easy to do for any small business, and many new restaurants usually do this. Everything needs to be planned, and budgeted for in the start-up cost. Taking the time to plan and think through a budget will help the launch of your restaurant run smoothly and be successful. Here are some of the costs that you need to budget for when you are opening a restaurant.


Liability insurance is important as it protects you from being held liable if a customer is hurt into your business, gets sick from the food, or if an employee is hurt on the job. You should also have property insurance in case of fire or other damage to the property.


Restaurant level equipment is going to take the largest chunk of your budget. This includes the cost of cookers, refrigerators, fryers, and other machines that you need to produce your menu. Dishes, cutlery, storage containers, and other items you need to run the restaurant should be placed into this section of the budget.


Your business technology should be installed before you open your doors. The technology most commonly used by restaurants are point of sale systems and cash registers that are linked together. Ticket printers have also become very popular in restaurants. You will also need a computer with accounting software, and a multi-line phone system. You should also have wireless internet to connect these systems, so they are able to send and receive information.


Depending on your location, there may already be some of the fixtures that you are going to need like washrooms, lighting and a counter. At many locations, you are going to have to put in tables, bars, and chairs.

Food Cost

While food costs are going to be one of the main ongoing costs, you are going to need food before you open the restaurant to test the menu, and be able serve the first few days after the opening. Fresh food is the best option to stock your kitchen with, so you may want to talk to local farmers to see if you can make deals with them.


Like the food costs that all restaurants have, staffing wages are an ongoing cost. At the same time, if you are going to use set uniforms, you will need to have this budgeted into the cost. Training will also take time and money to be completed.

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Cater Your Event Well

Catering service is the most needed and the most decisive thing in the event or any gathering or nay large scale functions. Co¬operate caterer is the field that can cover and can do the entire thing that re needed in the function. They can offer everything in the function from the food to the entertainment and the entire thing that one can offer. Cooperate caterer can have the ability to just manage all the fiction and can even plan one according to need and they can do this in a really small and low amount. These cooperate caterer can do anything and let’s have some brief aspect of the thing these guys can do:

• Swift and sudden:

These companies do all the work and they have the experience and the knowledge for this. These cooperate caterer can be used to do the work of many people as they can handle the work load of 3 people per one caterer. These people can do the work far more quick than the normal people. They are not only called swift for their work action and completion but also sudden due to the sped and percussiveness. So it correct to day they are perfect one to be used in the wedding or any event is the main managing force.

• Can do all:

The Melbourne corporate caterer can do all the work form organizing to manage and form waiter to cleaning. This team has the experience of tis and has the daily works so they can do all the work. On person have the ability to do the work of all kinds as they have been trained by the curse of time. The work capability is also shown by the speed that once you see a man getting the plates and all the required stuff ready and the other time you see him in the parking lot where he is helping people to get there. So this properly shows the work ability of the people who are doing this job. They also do clean up after the function so get ready for the next one.

• Price:

The price for all the services is very low they can do all the work in just a few scores of dollars. They rate of these guys if we use the marketing service of different men is way too much low than them. The price for a function is just 120 to 145$ with all the services combined.

Advantages of Owning a Café

If you are planning to start up a business but does not know which kind of business to operate, then maybe this article can help you.

In our generation today, more and more people love to spend their time in a café to relax, unwind, socialize, enjoy, and a lot more reasons. In addition, we cannot deny the fact that all people eat and drink, as these two are needed in order to sustain life. From this, a café or a restaurant could surely be a quick and click business, especially if the café offers great foods and drinks, with effective marketing and excellent customer service. This is why more cafes and restaurants are opening up and serving the industry. Owning a café actually has benefits and below are some of them.

• Considered to be the most evident benefit of owning and operating your own business is that you are the boss. You work for your own company and you do not have to follow other bosses. In addition, you do not have to worry about being late and being obedient, since no one will fire you. Through owning your own café business, you can have great freedom from the pressures of being an employee serving another boss.


• Opening up your own café business could as well greatly enhance your creativity and other skills like culinary. This is excellent especially to people who loves to prepare and cook various kinds of foods and drinks. Since you have your own café, you could freely decorate and design it, be able to pick the best name or brand, decide which foods and drinks appear in the menu, and a lot more.

• Through owning a café, you have the chance to actually meet a lot of people with different interests and races. This could certainly be a great opportunity for global café trading. If one customer loves and becomes loyal to your café, you would know which food or drink he loves in your café and where he particularly loves to sit. Through this, you can be able to serve them better and they could as well be one of your ways to gain more customers, through word of mouth marketing.

• If your café business reaches success, its financial benefits will truly be worth your efforts. In addition, you gain immediate influence on your financial stability.

• If your passion is operating a business, particularly in food and drink services, then owning a café could be very great for you. You would never feel like you are working if you truly love what you do. Instead, you would enjoy while making money.

• Another advantage of opening up a café is that you do not have to always pay for your daily food intake because you could actually get food from your own café. Through this, you can really save more.

Even though running your own business can be quite stressful especially if you do the entire work alone, still you could gain benefits from it. To avoid working alone, hire employees to serve for your business.

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Renting Is Better Than Purchasing Commercial Fridges for Your Business

When you are starting up your café or food business, you have to make sure that your establishment is well equipped with the devices and equipments that can preserve the quality of your goods like a commercial fridge. You can’t just directly purchase units of it because you are still starting up and you don’t know yet if your business will be effective in the industry. The best option you should take is to rent commercial fridges for your business so that you will not be able to lose a lot of money if your business will not be successful. In contrary, if your business will not be a fail, renting a fridge will allow you to save money rather than buying your own units.

Commercial Refrigerators


Renting a commercial refrigerator for your commercial establishment will provide your business with a lot of benefits and advantages that is why it is the best and wise option to take rather than choosing to buy commercial fridges for your establishment. If you choose to buy commercial fridges, it will surely cost with a big amount of money that might bring your company to its downfall if you are not able to gain profit or money to replace the money that you spent in buying the commercial fridges that is why it is advisable for you to rent a company that offer high quality commercial fridges and as terms that are very beneficial to your business especially if you are still on the stage of starting up and making your own name in the industry. Renting a commercial fridge is very important to businesses that focus on handling, producing, and selling foods and cold cups of beverages. As a business owner, you will not be going to spend you’re a lot of money on purchasing your own commercial fridges because you know that this kind of unit or equipment will be going to depreciate over time especially if you are not to lend proper attention and maintenance to it. But due to the possibility of renting this kind of units, you will be able to reduce your expenses or capital outlay and you also have the option to choose from the different models and even choose the model which is the latest if that is what you desire. With the availability of commercial fridge rentals, you will be able to choose the best fridge that suits the needs of your commercial establishment because you opt to purchase brand new models, you will just end up having the second best especially if you are still new in the industry. There are companies that offer this kind of service which is very convenient and allows you to save time because you will have more time to do your business transactions rather than lending lots of time in looking for and purchasing the best commercial fridges for your business.

Choosing to rent commercial ref from fridge hire is the most wise and convenient option because you will be getting numerous of benefits in doing this option. If you want to replace or upgrade the models that you rented with new models, you can just do it because that is part of the benefit that you will be getting from the company. It is important that you provide quality services and goods to your customers so that they will still continue doing business with your company.

The Wonder of Commercial Coffee Machines

Nowadays, there are lots of models of coffee machines that are useful commercially and these are packed with great features good to be used by businesses and by home owners. Coffee lovers will surely gain advantage over this machine as this will meet their coffee taste and making coffee is a lot easier with this. Commercial coffee machines are wonder machines as these are able to pound coffee beans perfectly, compress the ground coffee beans, mix the espresso or whatever flavors, and able to generate good quality of coffee with easiness because the machine do it automatically.

Commercial coffee machines are automatic machines with excellent features excellent for a demanding setting such as in businesses that aim to proffer coffee with high quality without the help of the conventional coffee machine. There is no need for hiring barista because any employees in your business can maneuver since these machines are automated and can be set with timer. The coffee preparation is completely mechanical thus your staff at your business can do other arrangements such as handling cash and serving patrons which can save you from hiring lots of employees thus a savings for your business.

These commercial coffee machines aren’t just useful for businesses but even domestically especially with families who loved drinking coffees a lot as their way of bonding and relieving stresses. Using these machines at home, you will no longer need to make coffee drink manually as the machine will mixed everything and will produce great tasting coffees for you and to your family which is very convenient especially when you don’t have the time to prepare yourself but you always wanted to give the best for your family including giving them the best and the high quality coffee to drink.

Before, preparing coffee can be tough and will exert time, but nowadays, with the advancement of technology, lots of easy ways of coffee preparation have been invented such as the superb commercial coffee machines because these have been coffee to be produced instantly without manual preparation as the machines are designed to produce coffee in mug or in cups right away after putting coffee beans into it. But, since there are different types of these machines available these days, it is vital that you select the best through purchasing from reliable supplier. Affordable commercial coffee machines have been a great help these days not just in the business world but also to the individuals who can’t live a day without a cup of coffee.

Coffee is one of the best morning drinks of most people around the world. Because of this, coffee mugs and other related items to coffee is now being used as promotional items.

Types of Cool Rooms for Business Establishments

Businesses that offer food to their customers on a large scale require cool rooms to keep their food materials fresh and their beverages cold. There are cool rooms though that are also used in other industries. Medical laboratories use cool rooms to keep their supplies at the required temperatures. Plant and flower suppliers also use them to keep their greeneries from wilting too soon. Here are the different types of cool rooms and their special features:

Modular cool rooms

Modular cold rooms are used in businesses with large scale refrigeration needs. They come in different designs to meet the individual requirements of the customers. Some modular cold rooms are built on site to fit the desired size, dimensions and cooling requirements. Modular cold rooms are not only used for food storage but also for storing medical supplies and cut flowers. They can be set to either freeze or chill.

Combi cool rooms

The catering industry and other similar businesses use different food and beverage supplies that require different temperature level. Some business owners choose to have several separate cold rooms while some prefer combi cool rooms. Combi cool rooms have different temperature levels in its areas. Combi cool rooms are preferred by many because it takes up less space than several different cool rooms.

Industrial cool rooms

Industrial cool rooms are very huge because they are made to store large quantities of food items. Fork lift trucks are used in transporting goods in and out of industrial cool rooms as they are very spacious and the items stored are usually in large containers.

If you have cool rooms in your business establishment, you might also need to consider have your floor insulated to help keep the cool room at its optimum temperature level. Insulated floors enhance the energy efficiency of the cool rooms which will reduce your business operating costs. If your business does not require large cool rooms, consider large commercial refrigerators. They are cheaper and take up less space than cool rooms.

Having the right kind of cool room in your business establishment improves the efficiency of your staff. It also helps in reducing waste since all items are stored properly and are easily accessible.

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Important Details about Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix Blenders have been in existence since 1922, which means that the developers have had the opportunity to work on the products design and functionality, improving it with time such that it is now the most reliable blender in the market. However, achieving this has not been easy, and it has been as a result of a collective effort between the consumers and the developers. What the consumers want is a product that offers:

● High performance







In order to achieve a combination of all the above factors, it requires being in close communication with clients, to ensure that you keep meeting their demands, and upgrading your products with time. This is actually what Vitamix Blenders are made of and they are the result of giving people what matter most to them.

When it comes to performance, the latest models of Vitamix Blenders have gone to the extent of having dual horse power, which therefore means that the blenders are more powerful in terms of functionality. It is impossible to have a high speed blender, which did not have a strong horsepower. A strong horsepower is also very effective in terms of performance, meaning that it is able to grind almost all types of materials.

Another important aspect of Vitamix Blenders is the blades. The engineers of the products have put in a lot of consideration when developing the blades, ensuring that they come up with strong blades which are reliable to the user. The positioning and integration of the blades ensures that they are able to grind and chop off anything the user wants, with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.


Tips on Choosing Pot Washers for a Commercial Kitchen

It is usual for commercial kitchens to have a lot of dirty and grimy pots and pans at the end of the day. This is all the more true for bakeries where sticky dough and other sweet items get stuck to the pots and leave hard-to-remove stains and filth. Moreover, such pots and pans are larger than average commercial kitchen equipments and cannot be cleaned thoroughly by regular commercial dishwashers. What you need is commercial pot washers that come with high pressure water jets and turbulent spray technology that is designed to remove even the toughest of stains from your commercial pots and pans.

Commercial Dishwashers

Choosing a Pot Washer for your Commercial Kitchen

A wide range of pot washers are available in the market today with different types of features for specific performance. While each brand and model has its own pros and cons, you must keep in mind a few essential factors that are common to all efficient pot washers. You should always check these out while shopping for a commercial pot washer next time.

Convenient Features

The ideal pot washer should make cleaning commercial pots and pans so much easy, simple and quick. While purchasing one, you should therefore always check for features such as multiple wash cycles, stainless steel spray arms and an external spray hose so that you can pre-rinse your pots and pans for better cleaning. You would also like the washer to have inbuilt heat booster for raising the wash temperature as required. The washer should also have a drop-down door mechanism for easy loading and unloading.